Welcome To Patient Centered Care!

Dear Prospective Patient:

Thank you for your interest in Patient Centered Care. My name is Deborah Adams-Wingate, RN, MSN, NP-C. I am an Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner (NP-C), certified nationally and licensed in North Carolina. I received my under-graduate training first at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and then completed my Master’s in Nursing, at Duke University. I have practiced as a Nurse, since 1995 both in hospitals and with private practices.

At Patient Centered Care, we will strive to optimize the present and future health of our patients through a partnership that utilizes lifestyle modifications and the most up to date medical knowledge. Patient Centered Care providers deliver quality care that encompasses a patient's total health needs beginning at age 2, through adulthood. We specialize in personalized family medical services and preserving long-term, beneficial health partnerships with our patients. As your primary care provider, we can also help coordinate medical care through other specialties or hospital services when necessary.

Patient Centered Care emphasizes preventive health and general well-being. Medical concerns are managed through diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common illnesses and chronic diseases taking into account genetics, family history and mental health. Care is coordinated with other specialists. To assure care is patient-centered; it is proactive, inclusive, and customized to individual patients. To assure it is collaborative; we utilize teams of practitioners that share information among themselves and patients alike. Care is customized to each individual to treat their unique medical needs.

Patient Centered Care provides primary care with a strong emphasis in high-quality care, preventive medicine, close follow-ups, short wait times in the office, patient education and friendly but professional patient relations. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for your time and for your active participation in your health care!

Partnering with families to optimize current and future health.


Deborah Adams-Wingate, NP-C